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Crimson Knoll Cattle Company LLC promises to ethically and compassionately raise beef that is a safe & healthy choice for families and businesses.

Our Farm

What do we both want most in life?

It’s simple. To raise crops, cows, kids…and live happily ever after!

Our cattle are checked daily to monitor their health, safety, and to ensure consistent and proper nutrition. Our operation and your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we take great pride in maintaining our herd in every aspect, and supplying you with prime freezer beef. In addition to our cattle herd we also bale hay and straw, and have a small grain operation where we raise corn, wheat and soybeans. We have a passion for agriculture and it is our strongest desire to deliver a high quality, ethically raised product from our farm to your table.

Our Cows

Bred, born and raised in Union County!

Our beef cattle are bred, born and raised in Union County where they are grassfed and grain finished. The herd is made up of both Angus and Shorthorn cattle that are raised on grass in open pastures until they are selected to be moved to our finishing location where they are fed a grain and hay diet while they continue to grow and pack on muscle and fat which leads to incredible marbling in our product. The marbling adds flavor to the meat, giving our beef a savory taste that you will love.

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Our cattle are bred, born and raised on our farm with quality genetics, marbling and excellent care in mind.

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For further info on our product, packaging options and pricing call or email us. We are accepting custom freezer beef orders for late summer processing.

27900 Kinney Pike
Richwood, Oh 43344
Cody & Alexis JohnstonRichwood, OH

“We were looking for local raised beef. We wanted to know where our food was coming from. We were extremely satisfied with the beef we bought from Crimson Knoll Cattle. Not only was it more cost efficient, it also was raised at the highest standard and tasted better than store bought beef as well.”

Brian and Kim RettererRichwood, Ohio

“"We have bought beef from Dustin and Casey for a couple years now. It is absolutely amazing! The flavor is wonderful and the price is very competitive. The steaks and roasts are tender and low in fat. We love the fact we don’t have to drain the ground beef when we cook it. We ran out of ground beef one year and bought some at the grocery store. Never again! Dustin and Casey also go above and beyond to make their customers happy. Give them a call. You can guarantee the meat you get will be some of the best! Thanks Dustin and Casey. You have two very happy customers!"”

Jim BlueRichwood, OH

“"Excellent product! Best beef our family has had in many years. We have loved every BITE!! The marbling is perfect! The Ribeyes melt in your mouth. No more nasty after taste from the local grocery. Prices are VERY reasonable. Thanks so much! Put us down for the next order!! You won't be disappointed!!!"”

Danielle Jordan-Call Richwood, Ohio

“"Our Beef was tender and extremely flavorful! Dustin and Casey are excellent people, with even better customer service! If you want to shop local and support your local farmer, look no further. You will not be disappointed!"”