How it all Began

Dustin, Casey & our son Colby reside in Northern Union County where we bought our first farm in 2013. The homestead sits at the top of a knoll where a young Crimson Red Maple tree is rooted outside the front window.
This beautiful crimson tree at the top of the knoll inspired the farm’s namesake, Crimson Knoll Cattle Company.
Together we have raised and supplied custom freezer beef for consumers in central Ohio for the last 10 years. Our cattle are bred, born and raised in Union County where they are grass fed, grain finished, and hormone-free. They are raised on grass in open pastures until they are hand selected and moved to our finishing location. Once there, they are fed a grain and hay diet while continuing to grow and pack on the muscle and fat that lead to the incredible marbling in our product.
Our cattle are checked daily to monitor health, and to ensure consistent and proper nutrition. In addition to our cattle herd we also bale hay and straw, and have a small grain operation where we raise corn, wheat and soybeans. It is our strongest desire to deliver a high quality, ethically raised product from our farm to your table. Our favorite part of being involved in agriculture is the opportunity to see a product through from start to finish. To know the finished product is nourishing families makes even the longest and hardest days worthwhile!

What do we both want most in life? It’s simple. To raise crops, cows, kids…and live happily ever after!

Meet the Farmers


Dustin’s roots in agriculture run deep! He is a third generation cattle farmer, and his father, brothers and uncles all have their own unique and thriving farm operations. Dustin knows our herd well & does an incredible job monitoring their health & well-being. He handles all breeding & feeding plans for our herd. Off the farm, Dustin is a crop insurance adjustor with ProAg Crop Insurance and sells seed with LG Seeds. Dustin is currently serving as President of The Union County Farm Bureau.


Casey has admired the farm life since a young age. She quickly jumped into the life when she and Dustin began dating, with most “date nights” consisting of checking cattle or baling hay. Casey manages herd records & assists with daily chores including caring for young calves on the farm. Off the farm, Casey owns and operates The Cassandra Converse Agency – American Family Insurance.

Proudly Representing:

-Ohio Cattlemen’s Association
-Union County Farm Bureau
-Ohio Farm Bureau
-Young Ag Professionals State Committee
-Angus Association or Ohio Angus Association
-American Shorthorn Association & Ohio Shorthorn Breeders’ Association